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The Timing

I was very surprised at how well you managed to time the action sequences with the kick drum beats. How the intro starts out and as the drum beat kicks in the bullet impacts on the wall match each kick beat. Same with the bullet to Mimi's head, the timing was extremely well done.

Also the sound quality for this was superb and the animation flowed very smoothly. You put a lot of work in this I can see, and it surely paid off. One of these days, I'm quite I'll hear your name across the news bulletin.

Nicely Done

Eyes_wide_shut, shut the hell up.

You've never been in the position of people like that or cutters. And if you know no knowledge of their situations don't even dare criticize.


You're flash was well done, i some how failed to understand how the music and the flash was corelating together. Good job for your first flash.

A replay value of 10 ;)

Well done for your first submission. A hearty welcome to a good flash artist at newgrounds.

Animation was smooth, the music choice fit perfectly with the battle scene. Even each beats in the music synced with the attacks.

I loved the big white eyed Kirby when he is frozen and then when he starts fire with his fingers. Gave me a good chuckle. Interactivity was good, everything worked perfectly. Style was original for its title.

You earned the overall 10 from me. Good job, i hope to see more of your work later on and I hope its just as good as this or even better.

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Kick Ass game

I like it, not the best flash i've seen here. But nevertheless its not the "Worst"

Its a B Average Flash.

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Good stuff

but more importantly, release Through the Gates (the full version!) Your best work ever.

Nicely done

I take it this was the one you were asking my comments/opinions on and or how it should start out or be in a way a few weeks prior to your submission?

Goukisan responds:

yep, i believe i did ask ya what u thought n such. I didnt really finish this song but it's decent to listen to i think. How's your music coming along?

Well Done

Exceptionally well done, Your music has progressed quite well and has become far more melodic than it was previously. If you read this, email me at shadwsofarchonia@yahoo.com or IM on AIM - ShadwsofArchonia.

I would like to purchase that new CD of yours whenever it releases.

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